Bushfire appeals revised post

A couple of weeks ago we suggested that anyone wanting to donate to the victims of the fire could do so through the Lord Mayor’s Fund. This is still a good option but you might also like to consider contacting the Rotary Club of Pinjarra which is doing great things to help both private residents and farmers. Rotary is not allowed to retain administration costs and we understand that the Lord Mayor’s appeal will also not retain such expenses There are also some great individuals and smaller groups who are making a real difference and would appreciate your assistance but please don’t overwhelm any of them with clothing, furniture etc. Just make sure that your donation is wanted before you deliver anything.

What a morning!


There were about 140 people from Lake Clifton and Herron to see Bob Ding, our Fire Brigade First Lieutenant, raise the flag yesterday morning. They then packed the hall and enjoyed breakfast.

One of our community members whose property was burnt (fortunately not her house) and who was recently widowed, thanked the great people who came and helped her. Most of them she had not even met but they were there in the best Australian tradition.

It was great to see so many people sharing the Australia Day spirit with friends, family and neighbours. It all worked very smoothly thanks to the dedication of some great folk who cooked, served, cleaned and packed up. The Lake Clifton-Herron Residents Association members hope you enjoyed yourselves. Thanks to those who donated so generously to the Fire Appeal. The money will be deposited into the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

We gained a few new members but still need more. One local said on Facebook recently that it is amazing how we all work together in times of crisis but often have not met one another. A large, vibrant Association would create a social environment where we are all real friends, not just Facebook friends. So please join AND make things happen.


images If you are planning to come to the Australia Day breakfast but have not yet replied this would be a great time – just leave a comment on either the web site or Facebook. Thanks to all those people who have told us they are coming!! Should be a great morning.


Bushfire appeals

Following is the text of an email message from the Royal Agricultural Society to its members received Tuesday 12 January. The committee of LHCRA supports their recommendations and hopes that the details are useful to you if you want to help the fire victims. There are many other appeals that you may consider but please be careful as some of them may be scams.


South West Bushfires

The devastating bushfires in the South West shires of Waroona and Harvey have affected many people in our regional communities. Several appeals have been set up to help victims of the fatal bushfires that have left two people dead and destroyed 142 homes and several heritage buildings in historic Yarloop.   According to the Department of Agriculture and Food, approximately 426 agricultural properties in the Yarloop, Harvey and Waroona areas are believed to have been impacted by the fires.   An estimated 33,000 hectares of agricultural land has been affected by the fires and the blaze has burnt out a significant amount of pasture. Here’s how you can help…

Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund

Donations to the Waroona and District Fires Appeal can be made:

  • via EFT: BSB 306-035, Account 2014474
  • over the counter at any BankWest branch or agency to the dedicated appeal account, 306-035 2014474
  • in person at the Customer Service counter at Council House, 27 St Georges Tce, Perth
  • with a credit card by phoning 9461 3886 during normal business hours
  • by mail to LMDRF, Waroona and District Fires Appeal, City of Perth, GPO Box C120, Perth WA 6839

WAFarmers Appeal

  • Cash donations are being accepted. Go to https://www.gofundme.com/8gx38ezg for more information

Facebook Appeals

  • Harvey Stockfeeds & Animal Supplies owners Liz Tindale and Daniel Phillips, helping get feed to stranded animals in the Yarloop area. Access donation details through Harvey Stockfeeds Facebook page.
  • WA Equine Emergency FB group, coordinating efforts to find missing horses and other animals and help find temporary homes for stranded animals. To offer help, go to their Facebook page, WA Equine Emergency.
  • Bunbury lost, found and stolen, posting information and photos of stranded animals needing to be connected to their owners, and owners looking for their missing animals.
  • Wish Animal Rescue is collecting food for pets. You can access donation details through the Wish Animal Rescue Team Facebook page.
  • Emergency Wildlife Care Bunbury, coordinating volunteer teams to search for surviving wildlife. Access volunteer and donation details through the organisation’s Bunbury Wildlife Info Facebook page.

A very close call


Lake Clifton has been spared a repeat of the losses we suffered 5 years ago. It came too close for comfort but damage was limited to the very southern end of our district. As of Sunday 10th, we are not sure of the extent of that damage but it is much less than we suffered in 2011. There have been some wonderful people on Facebook offering to feed animals and support those who have evacuated and to them we say WELL DONE. The Residents Association is not accepting donations. As a Harvey Councillor said, people from Yarloop and elsewhere who lost their houses have nowhere to put anything and there are several organisations such as Mayday, Salvos, Anglicare etc which are set up to provide clothing, linen etc when it is able to be used. Money is the most important donation you can make and we strongly suggest the Lord Mayor’s Appeal which did a great job for our people previously. Our local brigade manned the truck continuously for four days and by the time you read this will have put in a lot more time. The conditions on the fire ground were horrendous and we owe a great deal to these wonderful people. When it is finally all over, it will be necessary to thank them publicly and we understand that many members of the community are keen to arrange some sort of function. At this stage we are not certain what role the Association will play in arranging this but we will certainly work with the community and local businesses to ensure that the firies are appropriately acknowledged. Australia Day Breakfast is definitely still on and there will be no charge for breakfast. Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a member of the Association. We would hope that Lake Clifton and Herron residents take this opportunity to get together and reconfirm our love of the area and our country. It is possible that we will see more than our usual 40-50 people so it would help enormously if you would indicate your intention to attend by leaving a comment on Facebook or our web site or contacting Jenny on 0428343028 or Judy on 9739 1484.

Australia Day breakfast

AustralianFlagTo celebrate the safety and spirit of our community there will be NO CHARGE for breakfast on Australia Day. But we do need to know how many to cater for so PLEASE leave a comment on Facebook or our web site or contact Jenny on 0428343028 or Judy on 9739 1484. Everybody is welcome – you do not need to be a member of the association (but we would love to have you).

The flag will be raised at 8:00 am followed by breakfast at 8:30

Newsletter replaced by Internet


For many reasons, the January issue of our local newsletter will be the last. The newsletter has been produced continuously for well over 20 years but it has gradually been replaced by our web site and Facebook group and these have received much more interaction from residents than the newsletter.

Advancing years of those very few people who write, print and deliver the newsletter has also contributed to the decision to close it down. We did attract one new delivery person but the majority of the others are simply not able to continue. And of course this is not the only casualty of the digital era. Many much larger newspapers have closed in favour of an on line presence so we are really just following a well established trend.

In our previous issue we told you that the Association’s name was changing to Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association and this has now been formalised. The Association is alive and well and continuing to work for you (see the articles about Southern Estuary Drive and the Lime Kiln). We need new members because the same older people who have run out of energy to deliver newsletters are the same people who have served on the committee for many years and really need to pass it on to younger folk. Members also receive copies of meeting minutes!! A membership application is available on line or by contacting Jenny or Graeme – please give it serious consideration.

So in future please go to lakeclifton.com.au or our Facebook group Lake Clifton Herron. You can register on either or both of these sites so that you don’t miss any information and you can join the conversation. News items will be published as they occur, not bi-monthly like this newsletter which is another advantage of social media. We will also write any urgent info on the notice boards around the district.

Thank you to those very dedicated people who have delivered newsletters over the years.

Australia Day Breakfast


The flag will be raised at 8:00 am on Australia Day, Tuesday 26th January,followed at 8:30 by breakfast Everyone is welcome but please don’t come late. Cost $4 (members) $7 (non members) Children under 10 free Families (2 adults and 2 children) $15 We can guarantee plenty of food and a great Australian spirit! It would help greatly with catering if you could phone Judy or Jenny you are planning to come along or just leave a comment on Facebook or the web site.

Vale Dr Richard Randall


It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Dr Richard Randall who  passed away on 20th December 2015. Richard and his wife Jane are long term residents of Lake Clifton and when our community centre was opened in 2004, he came out of retirement to provide a bulk billed GP service at the hall.

This was a marvellous community service and removed the necessity to travel long distances to see doctors. More than that, his friendly, open and honest approach was much appreciated and he made many friends in the community.

Our sympathy goes to Jane and Richard’s family on this loss of their loved one and a valued member of the community.