The Annual General Meeting of LCHPSA was deferred from Sunday 20th September to Sunday 27th September due to a lack of members attending. At the meeting on the 27th, Jenny Rose was re-elected as President with Graeme Wyatt as Vice President, Marg Bavera as Secretary and Judy Wyatt as Treasurer. Committee members are Nancy Fardin, Pat and Peter Brown, Tracey Timmins, Mark Cooper.

President Jenny reported on the association’s activities for the year and thanked the committee for its support. Jenny’s full report is here.

The proposed changes to the constitution were passed and will now go to the appropriate government department for registration. Hopefully the next newsletter will officially be under the banner of Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association

Fruit fly


Mediterranean fruit fly is a major problem in our area. The Department of Agriculture (DAFWA) says that without control, it would infest 100% of stone fruit.

In summary, we need to apply a small amount of an attractant mixed with an insecticide every week. As a service to the community, the Progress Association has purchased a 25 kg container of Flavex, one of the recommended attractants and it is available to all local residents. Flavex will be available at the hall on the first and third Saturdays each month between 0930 and 1130 commencing on 7th November or phone 0407 175 564. Just bring a container and pick up 200 ml of this liquid (enough to make 20 litres of spray which would treat 10 fruit trees for the whole season). This is free for members of LCHPSA; non-members will be charged $2.

You will also need Maldison or Malathion (same thing) from a hardware or garden store. Instructions on mixing this and Falvex will also be provided. Baiting like this is only part of the solution. It is also advisable to cover spray with a recommended insecticide and hang lures in the trees. LuresĀ  are available from hardware and garden stores. Traps made of plastic bottles etc are not recommended as they do not catch a high proportion of the flies.

There is more detail at



It’s that time of the year again and we all need to comply with our shires’ requirements for firebreaks. There are different requirements in Waroona and Mandurah and it is not practical to detail all of the information here.

If you want to see what you need to do (and when), the information is on the various councils’ web sites but they are not exactly on the front pages so here are links that will take you where you need to go:


Mandurah: and click on “Bush Fire Notice”

Please remember that the primary purpose of firebreaks is to allow fire fighters to access your property with large, heavy trucks. A serious fire will easily jump the fire break but if the brigade can get to it, they may be able to control it. So the brigades are very keen to have fire breaks that they can drive on.

Firebreak preparedness

There will be a “Street Meet” on the grassed area opposite the Bouvard Tavern on 10th of October between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. Southern Districts brigade will be there, together with rangers and representatives from the City of Mandurah.
Everyone is welcome to come along and meet the firies, look at the trucks and talk to the folk from the City. Make sure that you know the requirements for firebreaks. The fire truck are big and heavy and if you don’t have enough width or height for them, they can’t access your property and they can’t fight fires. That could be a disaster for you and the whole community.
The City doesn’t want to fine people for inadequate fire breaks and it is much cheaper for you to do it right the first time.
For more info : Paul Kimber P 95503631 M 0439061303 E

Lake Clifton Lime Kiln Development and Trails Project 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALCHPSA has obtained Lotterywest funding to have a revised and updated Concept Plan for the development of the Lake Clifton Lime Kiln site. The proposal is to create a day use area, walk trails to Lake Clifton and a walk trail through the nearby bush following parts of the railway line embankment for the railway line to Waroona from the Lime Kiln Site. Community involvement is a necessary part of developing this Concept Plan. Any community members in Lake Clifton, Herron or Waroona who may have an interest in this site, have historical knowledge of the Lime Kiln operations, and who would like to be involved with this project, are invited to be part of the reference group. Please contact Jenny Rose 0428343028 e-mail or Maree Ellis 0477799990 e-mail