What a morning!


There were about 140 people from Lake Clifton and Herron to see Bob Ding, our Fire Brigade First Lieutenant, raise the flag yesterday morning. They then packed the hall and enjoyed breakfast.

One of our community members whose property was burnt (fortunately not her house) and who was recently widowed, thanked the great people who came and helped her. Most of them she had not even met but they were there in the best Australian tradition.

It was great to see so many people sharing the Australia Day spirit with friends, family and neighbours. It all worked very smoothly thanks to the dedication of some great folk who cooked, served, cleaned and packed up. The Lake Clifton-Herron Residents Association members hope you enjoyed yourselves. Thanks to those who donated so generously to the Fire Appeal. The money will be deposited into the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

We gained a few new members but still need more. One local said on Facebook recently that it is amazing how we all work together in times of crisis but often have not met one another. A large, vibrant Association would create a social environment where we are all real friends, not just Facebook friends. So please join AND make things happen.

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