Come for an hour, come for the day!  Great for families and community groups.  Help us beat Montreal’s record of 110 photographers and garner great publicity for our Shire, not to mention photos for common usage.  We have people coming from near and far so grab your camera, iphone, partner and kids to help make history and to record a day in Waroona’s history.

Kids will all get a cool bag of stuff when their photos are uploaded and we’ll also be printing and framing best photo from each child for a mini exhibition in January.

More information in the attached and by visiting Wikipedia Takes Waroona on Facebook or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Takes_Waroona or call me.

All support and assistance in spreading the word will be appreciated


As you know, firebreaks have to be completed by 17 November. Word is that Waroona Shire will strictly enforce the 3 metre minimum width this year!! Mandurah residents of course are required to have theirs 4 metres wide on blocks 5 acres or more. Both shire require a 4 metre overhead clearance. The primary purpose of fire breaks is to allow access for emergency vehicles and the Lake Clifton fire truck is 2.4 metres wide so it makes very good sense to have your fire breaks wide enough.