A very close call


Lake Clifton has been spared a repeat of the losses we suffered 5 years ago. It came too close for comfort but damage was limited to the very southern end of our district. As of Sunday 10th, we are not sure of the extent of that damage but it is much less than we suffered in 2011. There have been some wonderful people on Facebook offering to feed animals and support those who have evacuated and to them we say WELL DONE. The Residents Association is not accepting donations. As a Harvey Councillor said, people from Yarloop and elsewhere who lost their houses have nowhere to put anything and there are several organisations such as Mayday, Salvos, Anglicare etc which are set up to provide clothing, linen etc when it is able to be used. Money is the most important donation you can make and we strongly suggest the Lord Mayor’s Appeal which did a great job for our people previously. Our local brigade manned the truck continuously for four days and by the time you read this will have put in a lot more time. The conditions on the fire ground were horrendous and we owe a great deal to these wonderful people. When it is finally all over, it will be necessary to thank them publicly and we understand that many members of the community are keen to arrange some sort of function. At this stage we are not certain what role the Association will play in arranging this but we will certainly work with the community and local businesses to ensure that the firies are appropriately acknowledged. Australia Day Breakfast is definitely still on and there will be no charge for breakfast. Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a member of the Association. We would hope that Lake Clifton and Herron residents take this opportunity to get together and reconfirm our love of the area and our country. It is possible that we will see more than our usual 40-50 people so it would help enormously if you would indicate your intention to attend by leaving a comment on Facebook or our web site or contacting Jenny on 0428343028 or Judy on 9739 1484.

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