Drinking water

We have once again run out of bottled water at the hall – that makes about 1,000 bottles. We will restock tomorrow but would request that it is used only by people who still do not have facilities for storing bulk drinking water. You can also collect rain water in your own containers from the tank at the hall.

Skip bins

The Shire has requested that these be used only for fire waste – not disposal of unwanted household items. It would be a pity if they were removed because they were not used for the intended purpose.

Clean up

If you need to remove fences, burnt trees etc, one option is to use bigger machines including bulldozers, loaders, excavators etc. These are expensive by the hour but they get the job done quickly so the total cost may be lower than you expect.

Bulldozers are very expensive to transport so it would be a very good idea to get together with others in the area and share these mobilisation costs. If you want assistance in organising people to share mobilisation costs just leave a comment here.

Waroona Contracting had two dozers in the area on the night of the fire and understand the problems people are facing. Whilst they cannot provide this sort of equipment free of charge, they will not try to profiteer from this tragedy.

They can be contacted on 9733 1933 or 0417 962 321.

Assistance from prisoners

You may have seen a couple of groups of prisoners around the area. At present they are helping to get the roads back into a safe condition but they are also available to assist with clean up of properties damaged by the fire. They have all their own equipment including chain saws etc.

These guys are hand picked and well supervised. Those of us who have had contact with them have been very impressed with their willingness to help and their general demeanour. They even offered to clean the tables and the barbecues after the breakfast yesterday!

If you would like them to help you, leave a comment here OR phone 9739 1484 OR speak to one of the supervisors when you see them out and about.

Seniors Sundowners

Our monthly sundowners will re-commence in February. You don’t need to be a “senior” but it is an opportunity for the mature people in the area to get together for a couple of hours over a quiet drink and a chat. Several people drink soft drinks so we are not a boozy lot and we all bring along nibbles to share. There are no children’s activities – some of the people have hearing problems and we need to keep noise to a minimum.

For security reasons, we have not posted the schedule on this public site. If you are interested in joining us please leave a comment or contact Graeme or Judy 9739 1484.


Alcoa has very generously offered accommodation and agistment. They have also provided skip bins for the clean up. In a broadcast email to all Alcoa staff, Managing Director Alan Cransberg said “If there is any other way we or you can help, let’s do it”. If anyone has suggestions on how Alcoa could assist even further, leave a comment and we will see what can be done.

Rotary Club of Mandurah City

The Rotary Club of Mandurah City has arranged a String Quartet at Swallow Hill on Sunday 13 February from 5:00 to 9:30 pm. Treat your Valentine to a night under the starts with the stylish, romantic sounds of the Tonic String Quartet.

Enjoy an alfresco buffet meal of gourmet meats and salads. Beer, wine, bubbly and soft drinks will be available for purchase.

Exciting prizes to be won in an auction and raffle.

Cost is $50 per person including meal and entertainment.

Please be sure to wear a splash of red.

To purchase tickets please contact Sally Knight on 0413 964 646 or email swallowhill@mandurahcityrotary.org.au. For more details, map and payment go to www.mandurahcityrotary.org.au

Mandurah Murray Mayday Club

The Mandurah Murray Mayday Club is a local organisation that raises funds to assist people in our region. They have funds available to assist people in need and all you need to do is to write to them at The Secretary, Mandurah Murray Mayday Club, PO Box 326, Mandurah 6210. For more information phone 9582 8164.