Residents are in the main self-employed, work in Mandurah and Waroona or are retired. They have chosen to live in the area for the relaxed country lifestyle with the bonus of being relatively close to the water, both estuary and ocean. The residents acknowledge that living in the area is a lifestyle choice but the relative isolation has limited the choices available to residents to engage in community activities.

Single car families, single parents, teenagers without a car, families struggling to make ends meet and paying rising fuel costs and retirees have previously been unable to access a wide range of services/activities which are taken for granted in the city such as after school care, dance lessons, aerobics lessons, craft groups and senior’s activities. The youth of the area require facilities which cater for out of school activities such as teenage meetings, dances, and social activities. Mandurah and Waroona both suffer from a lack of facilities and opportunities for young people – being 30 to 40kms from both these centres only serves to focus us more strongly on the need to provide facilities in our community.

Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association Inc

The Residents Association began as a group of community minded residents in 1986 and became incorporated in 1988. They initially met with the local Fire Brigade but community issues quickly provided the Association with its own focus. Originally called simply Lake Clifton Progress and Sporting Association, the name was changed in 2006 to include the Herron district and better reflect the fact that the area has a community of interest and is not divided by artificial boundaries set up for electoral purposes. The name was changed again in 2015 from Progress to Residents as it was felt that the word “progress” was not appealing to some people.

The objects of the Association are the general progress of the district and the provision of facilities and support for sporting and recreational activities.

The Association is dedicated to helping to develop a cohesive community with a sense of identity and purpose and providing an environment which promotes growth, self-worth and social development. We need to support those individuals and groups currently marginalised by distance and with the completion of our Community Hall late in 2004 we have the opportunity to provide the facilities for such services.

Currently we are providing the following range of services:

  • Physical facilities such as the recently completed Lake Clifton / Heron Community Hall, sporting facilities including tennis and basketball courts, playground equipment etc
  • Community activities such as our regular Australia Day breakfast, patchwork group, and annual art exhibition.
  • Publication and distribution of a bi-monthly Newsletter which is distributed to all homes free of charge.
  • Support for community activities such as Playgroup which is affiliated with the Association. The Playgroup is not active at the moment and we are seeking interested parents to get it up and running again. The facilities and great and there are lots of wonderful toys.
  • Support for environmental activities through organizations such as Landcare, the local branch of which is affiliated with our Association and is involved in many activities including tree planting and Tuart decline.
  • Facilitation of community discussions regarding pertinent planning, safety, environmental and social issues.
  • Representation of local concerns to the relevant local Council, State or Commonwealth Departments.
  • Negotiation with relevant authorities on bushfire issues
  • Participation in road safety matters, including representing the community on the loacl Roadwise committee.
  • Participation in planning for future development – improved community access, school bus routes, tourism etc
  • Communication between residents and authorities on health issues eg mosquito control.

Are you a LCHRA member?

Membership of the Association is open to all residents and land owners and costs only $27.50 per year for a couple/family. This membership fee goes towards maintaining and improving the local hall, insurance and general services for the community.

A membership application is available here.

The Association has a strong record of successfully managing significant grants including:

  • 1992/93 – Grant of $16,103 through the Community Cultural, Recreation and Sporting Facilities Program for the development of tennis/netball/basketball facilities. (Department of The Arts, Sports, The Environment and Territories)
  • 1997/98 – Grant of $2,748 for the purchase of toys, play and craft equipment for Playgroup from the Lotteries Commission.
  • 2001/02 – Grant of $1,775 for tube stock and materials for “Assisting Tuart Reafforestation in Lake Clifton”. Community Conservation Grant, Department of The Environment and Heritage.
  • 2001/02 – Grant of $2,776 from the Department of Local Government and Regional Development, Peel Regional Development Commission for “The Lake Clifton Lime Kiln Concept Plan”.
  • 2002/04 – Grant of $170,000 for “The Lake Clifton Community Centre Project” through the Regional Solutions Programme, Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services.
  • 2002/04 – Grant of $145,000 for the Community Centre for Lotterywest
  • 2004/05 – Grant of $15,000 from Department of Local Government and Regional Development for playground equipment
  • 2007 – Grant of $10,000 from Department of Local Government and Regional Development for upgrade of power supply to enable air conditioning and installation of other electrical equipment.
  • Rabbit control and revegetation