Can you help?

Just seeing if you can be available for planting at the Lake Clifton
Historic Lime Kiln any morning of the 19th, 20th and 21st of July, or
26th, 27th July. The Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group has about 120
plants to plant to replace dead ones and new plantings. We have an auger
so heavy digging will not be required. However as there is a lot of
limestone the holes need to back-filled with the surrounding dirt. The
plants will need to have weed mats and coreflutes installed.

The plan is to be planting about 9.00am and go to 12.00am.  with morning
tea half-way.

If you can come on any of these dates please call use the Contact Us form on this website.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Lake Clifton-Herron Australia Day
celebration. It was a great morning with about 65 attendees. It was
lovely seeing families coming to celebrate Australia’s Special Day.
Thanks for the great help from all the ladies in the kitchen , the
“boys” on the BBQ and every one who helped set up the tables, clean up,
etc. Congratulations and thanks to our flag raisers Susan Morris and
Karena Silbereisen for their dedicated Wildlife Carer activities in
raising possums and kangaroos.  A heartfelt thank you to our fire service
attendees and to all who donated to the Fire Appeal Fund with $320
raised.  The major charities were considered for your donations but we
believe that the Saint Vincent de Paul Society will achieve the best
use of your generous donations.

Thanks  to everyone who attended and made this a great occasion.

Jenny President LCHRA

Fire – A reality check

These two article from the Financial Review are the best I have seen on the current problems. They cut through the political garbage and the misinformation put about by people with no knowledge. As we all live in a fire prone area we need to know what really drives the problems and what can, can’t and should be done to minimise them. I hope these help to quiet some of the alarmist discussions and keep us all a bit more balanced.

I am still a big believer in fuel reduction but please don’t just burn you property without getting advice and have plenty of help on hand. Even in winter things can get out of control.

Fires_ Land Management
Fires _ A Reality Check

Kangaroo signs

LCHRA says a big thank you to the Shire of Waroona for erecting kangaroo warning signs in Lake Clifton, including on Lake Clifton Road.

This is another success for LCHRA as we have been advocating for these signs which will alert locals, visitors and tourists to be alert for kangaroos. The Shire of Waroona is still working with Mains Road WA to get the same signs on Old Coast Road in the Shire of Waroona.

The City of Mandurah has also erected kangaroo/emu signs on roads in Herron.

Stage 2 funding approved

This was the official opening of stage 1 of the Lime Kiln project in May 2019. Now stage 2 is set to go ahead in 2020.

LCHRA has been awarded a $20,000 grant by the Communities Environment Program 2019-20 to extend the Historic Lake Clifton Lime Kiln Day Use Site, on Newnham Road,  to include a walk trail around the settling ponds. This will incorporate historic, Aboriginal and plant information. This will be a joint project with the Dept of Biosecurity, Conservation and Attractions. 


The following was copied from an email – please excuse the layout issues. Follow the links if you want to have YOUR say.


A Collective Voice for Community Landcare in WA 

Have your say on environmental matters

There is currently a raft of government public consultation processes on environmental issues which affect the future of landcare in Western Australia.

Key consultation processes include:
  • Climate Change Issues Paper – Submissions close 29 November 2019
  • Good Pastoral Land Management Guidelines – Submissions close 30 November 2019
  • Draft Drought Resilience Funding Plan – Submissions close 13 December 2019
  • Western Australia’s Native Vegetation – Submission close 10 February 2020
WALN urges its members and the wider landcare community to have your say to improve environmental management policy and procedures in Western Australia. 

Climate Change Issues Paper 
Submissions close 29 November 2019

The State Government is calling for submissions on its Climate Change Issues Paper by 29 November 2019.

Feedback is being sought on the issues and questions outlined in the Climate Change in Western Australia – Issues Paper. The paper outlines the key issues facing Western Australia in the transition to a resilient, low?carbon economy. 

This is an opportunity to let the State Government know your views and to contribute to the shaping of WA’s policy on climate change and support development of a long?term vision for Western Australia.

Visit to learn more and make a submission by 29 November 2019. 

Draft Drought Resilience Funding Plan 
Submissions close 13 December 2019

The Australian Government is seeking public comment on its Draft Drought Resilience Funding Plan to guide funding decisions for the projects and activities of the Future Drought Fund.
The Future Drought Fund will support drought resilience measures and has the potenial to provide significant funding to the landcare sector over the coming 4 years. 
The Draft Drought Resilience Funding Plan is currently available and can be downloaded here –

The Draft Plan includes $100m per year from July 2020 to support initiatives that strengthen the drought resilience of Australian farm businesses and communities.

Natural resource management practices that build resilience and make farm systems more sustainable are identified in the plan and include: ·

  • increasing soil carbon, ground cover and building feed reserves
  • controlling feral animals
  • increasing water use efficiency 
  • reducing loss of pasture during dry times 
  • protecting biodiversity and ecosystem services 
  • planning for risks associated with drought

Visit to learn more and make a submission by 13 December 2019. 


Good Pastoral Land Management Guidelines
Submissions close 30 November 2019

The State Government has recently announced its proposed Pastoral Lands Reform package of legislative, regulatory and administrative measures that focus on improving the land condition of the pastoral estate, fostering best-practice land management, and encouraging development and diversification.

Pastoral Lands Reform will:

  • encourage good land management;
  • provide clear standards for land condition;
  • improve land monitoring, compliance and support;
  • support pastoralists to demonstrate best-practice land management;
  • reward good practice; and
  • improve land administration
The Pastoral Lands Board is currently seeking community comment on Draft Good Pastoral Land Management Guidelines, which provide practical advice to pastoralists on good land management to assist in maintaining a profitable and ecologically sustainable pastoral business.