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Well, time has been flying and here we are into the second half of 2013 with Sea to ART just around the corner!

The official opening will take place on Friday October 25th with categories including fine wood craft, art works in fibres and textiles, art works in fine metals, jewellery and glass, painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.  Entries can be for sale or for exhibition only and the event is held over ten days, open to residents in the Shire of Waroona, Coolup and Yarloop.

Both aspiring and established artists are encouraged to attend a morning tea to be held at 10am on Wednesday August 7th to meet the WVC&G staff and volunteers, and other exhibitors.  This will be a great opportunity, particularly for the inexperienced, to become familiar with the process and to network with fellow artists and artisans.  We’re also looking for any ideas you may have for the official opening or the exhibition itself.

Please actively promote the morning tea to family, friends and associates who may be interested in exhibiting.

Entry forms for Sea to ART will be available on the day at the Waroona Visitor Centre & Gallery, 37 South West Highway, Waroona.

Please RSVP for catering purposes.  For more information contact me Tues to Fri on 9733 1506 or email visitorcentre@waroona.wa.gov.au.

You may not know that the WVC&G has a Facebook page

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Hi Everyone

Large metal cage, can be used for a roomy dog kennel or other animals covered on one end, well made with a padbolt catch, can be locked.  Price $400 ono

Good quality lounge, chocolate mauve in colour, two recliners and (1) three seater lounge Price $350 sold

Another one for sale light chocolate, two recliners and three seater lounge, Price $450.

Makita drop saw Top of range, electric.  $600

Dog bath, $1200

Contact Lynne 0419897290



On Monday 14th, the City of Mandurah Councillors will be deciding the % rates increase and their own increased remuneration, which will be an overall increase of $270 000 of rate payers’ money. This is a Local Government, across the Board, increase, and whereas nobody would argue about the merits, or importance of attractive our community’s very best to this important role, there is an indication that the Councillors will all vote to receive this lump sum payment, in advance at the recommended mid-level taking current allowance from $7000 to $27000 being a four-fold increase (albeit this amount has not increased for more than 7 years)

It is our intention for the Peel Chamber to present a deputation to suggest that the fee should be paid as instalments across the year, in lieu of costs and as remuneration for actual sitting fees.

If this sum is distributed in quarterly payments, with the first as up front and the remainder in arrears. The payments would distribute, fairly, amounts commensurate with the actual participation in Committees and sitting fees appropriate for attendance, with a flat rate fixed commensurate with additional operational costs attributed to the role, such as photocopying, telephone vehicle expenses. Yes it would/might mean some additional admin, but it supports good governance and accountability to pay someone on an actuals basis and not for an expected outcome. It is an anomaly in the Local Govt Act that even if a Councillor does not attend a meeting or a series of meetings that they can still receive the lump payment and not be required to remit according to performance (though we will not point our such in our deputation, apparently,  there is a sitting councillor who has missed several meetings this year and some that repeatedly do not turn up to meetings).

Our deputation will be polite, yet could be controversial, because it will highlight the conflict and unfairness, if future, rogue members nominate to Council, purely to be advantaged by a lump sum payment in advance with any KPI’s or parameters.



ACTION: Could you possible put out the word that we require lots of people to attend to support us, IN PERSON Monday night at Council Chambers at 5.30pm?