Another fire

It appears that we may still have someone lighting fires in the area. Yesterday afternoon a small fire was found on Old Bunbury Road. Fortunately it was extinguished by passing motorists (one of whom lost their home on 10 January) and we are very grateful to those people.

I am going to put a pair of boots, some water and a chaff bag in the boot of my car!!

Generous offer from Men of the Trees

The following is the text of an email sent to one of our fire victims.
We are sorry to hear of your misfortune and are willing to help in anyway possible.
We are the Peel Branch of Men of The Trees stationed in Mandurah but help all over the State.
We are in the process of seeding our plants for the 2011 season and would be willing to grow extras for you as a donation, and help in the planting .
Are you able to advise types of plants,quantity etc?
This offer is open to your neighbours as well.
I have already contacted your Shire in this regard and am waiting their reply .
We are not sure of their plan and don’t want to interfere with them .
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Manny Milonas
This could be of great assistance to people wanting to get their blocks green again. If you are interested, contact the shire or leave a comment here and Tracey Timmins will ensure that it gets to the recovery committee.

Thank you

A very big thank you to the guys from Karnet and Bunbury prisons for all their great work. They have swung chain saws, removed fire damaged rubbish, cleared verges, cleared burnt fences, picked up paving bricks, replaced roadside safety signs and generally helped anyone who asked.

The attitudes and behaviour of these men was outstanding. They were courteous to everyone, nothing was a problem to them and they were bright and cheerful – all in all a great bunch of guys to have around in the present difficult circumstances.

This is not just my opinion – you may not have seen the following comment posted by Allison:

Just thought I’d let anyone know who, like myself, was a bit apprehensive about ‘the lads’ working on their property – go for it! They got stuck into it and cleared and chained sawed what I needed done. All very well mannered and even Steve (the officer) got in and lent a hand, well done you guys.

A special thank you also to the supervisors. Robert McClymont was a wonderful representative of the prison service whose relationship with both the men and the residents was quite extraordinary. Robert was very sensitive to the delicate nature of his task but put everyone at ease with his friendly and approachable manner. He also worked alongside the men and set them a great example. He is to be very highly commended for these attributes and also his leadership in making this project so very successful. I did not see as much of the other supervisors but the feedback I heard was uniformly excellent.

Unfortunately, these guys have now moved on to other tasks BUT they can come back if they are needed. All you need to do is let us know that you need help and we will contact them.

Chainsaw deal

Sanderson’s Outdoor Power Equipment in Osborne Park are offering a great deal on a 20 inch chainsaw. If you need a new saw to clean up bushfire debris, call Stewart Smith on 9444 1284 or leave a comment or call 9739 1484.

State Government Assistance Grant

It appears that some people who lost their houses have not applied for the State Government Assistance Grant of $3,000. If you have not yet done this or if you know anyone in this position, you should obtain an application form and fill it in very soon.

Contact Waroona Shire for a form or if you need assistance contact Tracey or Graeme.

More assistance available

People are still offering help to clean up, do fencing or whatever else needs doing. Three guys from the caravan park turned up on Monday and two from Dawseville and Ravenswood come down on Tuesday. Their details will be given to the recovery committee but you can also contact them direct. Graeme can tell you how.

We also still have offers of assistance from others who are wondering why they have not been asked to help.

Azztek Kitchen offer

Azztek Kitchens in Mandurah have sent us a donation from their staff which will go to the community together with some other funds we have.

Azztek have also offered an appliance package to the value of $2,000 to anyone whose kitchen was damaged or destroyed when they buy a new kitchen (from Azztek of course). Obviously, Azztek would need to assure themselves that anyone seeking to avail themselves of this offer is genuine.

It is very early to be looking at new kitchens but it would be a good idea to speak with these great people if you are at all interested in the very generous offer.

Azztek web site