Feral animals

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group is trying to build a picture of the feral animals in the Peel Harvey area.
They are looking for people who are interested in reporting feral animal, alive or dead. Reports can be made through an app called Feralscan. Training in the use of this app is available.
These reports will help to build a picture of the rabbits, pigs, foxes, cats etc in our area and help to obtain resources to control them.
If you are interested, please go to the Contact Us page on this site and send us a message including your contact details.

Home security

The Residents Association is investigating the possibility of running an information session for people interested in installing cameras to monitor their homes. A senior police officer recently confirmed that cameras deter criminals, help to identify them, can maximise the number of offences that people are charged with and therefore their punishment.
There is a bewildering array of options and we have the possibility of getting someone to come and explain the practicalities and the costs. But we don’t want to bring them down here to an empty hall so we are trying to find out how many locals might attend.
If you are interested, please go to the Contact Us page and give us your name, email address, number of people who may attend and your most suitable times. We may not be able to fit the time to everyone but will give it a good shot. Please respond by next Friday 22 February.
There is also a possibility that, if enough people decide to make a purchase, we can negotiate a discount from an already very well priced supplier. The Association is only a facilitator and will make absolutely nothing out of this.

We need a volunteer for a small job

The Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association is seeking a volunteer to audit a grant acquittal. The grant is for the modest amount of $16834 and was used for weed control and re-vegetation on the lake verge. We need to have the audit completed by 28 February. An accountant or book keeper should be able to check it out very quickly.

If you are able to assist please send a message via the Contact Us page on this site.
Thanks in advance.