Another fire

It appears that we may still have someone lighting fires in the area. Yesterday afternoon a small fire was found on Old Bunbury Road. Fortunately it was extinguished by passing motorists (one of whom lost their home on 10 January) and we are very grateful to those people.

I am going to put a pair of boots, some water and a chaff bag in the boot of my car!!

2 comments on “Another fire

  1. Gaye Houldsworth

    Was there ever anyone questioned or charged over the Jan 10 fire?? It seems to have all gone very quiet. Or did I miss something?

    1. Graeme

      As far as we know, nobody has been even questioned about Jan 10. The best thing we can all do is report any activity that is at all suspicious to Neighbourhood Watch or Crime Stoppers. This includes vehicles stopped in unusual places. If there are a few reports about the same vehicle it may give the police enough to stop another disaster.

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