Generous offer from Men of the Trees

The following is the text of an email sent to one of our fire victims.
We are sorry to hear of your misfortune and are willing to help in anyway possible.
We are the Peel Branch of Men of The Trees stationed in Mandurah but help all over the State.
We are in the process of seeding our plants for the 2011 season and would be willing to grow extras for you as a donation, and help in the planting .
Are you able to advise types of plants,quantity etc?
This offer is open to your neighbours as well.
I have already contacted your Shire in this regard and am waiting their reply .
We are not sure of their plan and don’t want to interfere with them .
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Manny Milonas
This could be of great assistance to people wanting to get their blocks green again. If you are interested, contact the shire or leave a comment here and Tracey Timmins will ensure that it gets to the recovery committee.

2 comments on “Generous offer from Men of the Trees

  1. Kelly DOYE

    I would love to take advantage of this offer.How generous! Our property has land for wildlife status so we are very keen to regenerate our native flora/fauna habitat to what it once was as soon as possible. Any help with native seedlings, grevilleas, and mosquito repelling plants would likely be a good starting point for many people.

  2. Wade Jansen-moran & Moana Taiwhati

    We too would love to take you up on your very generous offer. Could you please send a list of the trees that you have.
    we had planted about 600 natives in the last 6 years of living at our place and lost about 550 of them in the fire. we would love to return the place back to how it looked before.
    Wade 0439398094
    Moana 0408736694

    This comment has been forwarded to Men of the Trees with a request for a list of available plants – Graeme

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