Verge mowing

The Shire of Waroona held a council meeting at our local hall last month. I normally ignore these but decided to look at the agenda and found a proposal to cease verge mowing – copy of the agenda item is below. So I asked a question and they decided to approve the proposal “for the purpose of consultation”.

I haven’t seen any consultation yet but LCHRA and your local Fire Brigade have made a joint submission – also copied below.

If you agree that this should not happen, it would be very helpful if the shire received messages of support from locals or, even better, your own submission. Send them to

Please don’t do this unless you live in the Shire of Waroona, and confirm in your message that you do in fact live here. It is possible that your objection will be ignored if they can’t confirm that you live in the shire.

If you do send an objection to the shire or even if you don’t want to do this, please leave a comment here so that we have some indication of support.



4 thoughts on “Verge mowing”

  1. We live on Tuart Grove Avenue in Lake Clifton, we agree that the verge mowing should not cease.
    Elizabeth and Bruce Waters

  2. I live on haub rd, our rates are continually going up and yet the shire are continually cutting back. If we are expected to maintain our fire breaks then the shire is too. No verge mowing equals higher fire danger. This is a no brainer that verge mowing needs to continue.

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