AGM reminder


This is a plea for our members to come along to the AGM on Sunday 9 th October 2016. We must have a quorum of seven financial members in order to hold the meeting and we always struggle to get this many. With age and illness affecting some of our long term members, it will be even harder this year.
You will NOT be pressured to join the committee but you would be very welcome should you decide to do so. The committee meets six times per year so it is not a big commitment.
We think that the Association is doing good things for the community. Some of our current activities include:

  • Development of a day use site and walk trail at the Historic Lime Kiln site
  • Support for the Landcare group and their major revegetation programme on the verges of Lake Clifton
  • Participation in the Age Friendly Communities improvement process with the Shire
  • Rabbit control
  • Road safety issues such as speed limits and line marking
  • Information distribution to residents via web site and Facebook

With an average age around seventy, the committee would love to get some younger people on board who would be prepared to organise activities for families.
There will be light refreshments after the AGM and a community meeting afterwards which everyone is welcome to attend.
We would love to see you there.
Best regards
Jenny Rose

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