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LCHPSA is working on a project in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and the Department of Sport and Recreation to develop the Historic Lake Clifton Lime Kiln site for day use.
The project will include walk trails to Lake Clifton to see the remnants of the works in the Lake. Other trails at the Lime Kiln site will go to the settling ponds to see remnants of the pipes etc. This development will be connected to a bush walk in the local bush. Part of this walk will go along two sections of the old railway line embankment.
This railway line connected the Lime Kiln works to Waroona from 1921 to 1923 when the mining of shell was abandoned and the line was taken up in 1924. More details of the lime kiln’s brief history can be found at
As all of this proposed development is on land controlled by DWaP, we need to go through a rigorous process of planning before we can seek funding for the actual work on the ground. A request for funding of the planning stage has been submitted to Lotterywest through the Department of Sport and Recreation. The success or otherwise of our application will not be known until about July.
We believe that this very interesting bit of WA’s past should be preserved and made available to everyone. The development should also boost tourism in the area and hopefully the extra people coming to the area will support our local businesses.

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