A very brief overview of the period 1919 to 1924 – the only period in which Lake Clifton had some people living in a “townsite” – actually a few tents and shanties.


  • From 1919 to 1921, shells were extracted from Lake Clifton and sent by truck to the WA Portland Cement works at Burswood.
  • A Railway line was constructed from Lake Clifton to Waroona in 1921 and the shell material was sent along this line until 1922.
  • Some time in 1922 or 1923, a rotary kiln was constructed to burn the shells to lime at the site. This operated for just 2 weeks and was then closed down as it did not work successfully.
  • The Lake Clifton Lime Works closed in September 1923 and the railway line was taken up in 1924. The rails and sleepers were used for the Lake Grace – Newdegate line.

The rotary kiln itself has been removed but the brick structure that was used to support it is in very good condition. Look at the large scale map on our home page to find its exact location

Traces of the railway line can still be found, particularly on the old Lake Clifton Townsite but all that remains are some elevated areas which once supported the tracks.

The Residents Association has received funding to prepare a concept plan to develop the lime kiln site into a walk trail and day use area.