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This post has been edited as no email advice was sent for the first attempt. I think this has now been corrected.
Our web site now has a uniform appearance. The News function was added some years after the site was originally created and looked very different so it now all looks like the News page. Apart from uniformity, this change has a number of advantages. It is very easy to maintain so it will be easier to hand over to someone when I need to bow out (not yet unless someone wants the job). It is also hosted by a new Internet company who allow us to send 500 emails per hour instead of the 50 that we had previously. This limitation meant that very often emails were not sent to everyone and this should no longer happen.
There are a couple of minor matters to fix (such as a membership application form) but if anyone sees any errors or has any suggestions for improvement please leave a comment.

2 comments on “Web site updated

  1. susan.benson@iinet.net.au benson

    Thanks for the newsletter but was wondering how randall’s political rant fits in with goals of the association. It seems inappropriate for political opinion to be posted in this forum.
    Otherwise keep up the good work. Itis appreciated.

    1. Tracey

      Hi Susan

      If anybody forwards us information, I do not determine whether it is politically correct or not, I send it through for everybody else to decide. You can delete the email if you like.
      Maybe you would like to join the Progess Association where your views are most needed.



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