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Contact tracing is coming to Lake Clifton and Herron…

With the announcement by the WA Government that we will all be required to check in to many venues, this will become the new normal. The list of venues is long and includes, amongst many others, “Community facilities”. Obviously the Lake Clifton Herron Community Centre is one of those so we need to implement a check in system.
We are not keen about using a paper based system for a number of reasons, the major one being that in the event of the contact tracing team needing the data about who visited the centre, they would not know who to contact. There is nobody at the centre regularly and whilst there is a web site and a Facebook page for the Association, there is no obvious connection between the Association and the centre. So there would be a delay while they go through the process of finding someone who can access the paper records. That basically comes down to three people and if they are all out of the area, the delay could extend for a day or more. In that time, any contacts could have been in contact with multiple others so the potential for spread would be enormous.

Everyone in WA will be faced with QR codes at all sorts of venues – restaurants, cafes, licenced premises, hairdressers and many others so it seems logical for us to use this system also. Effective immediately, you will be asked to check in to the centre using the SafeWA app. If you absolutely cannot use the app, there will be a paper based backup system that you will be required to use.

The best way to install the app on your smart phone is through the WA Dept of Health web site at There are instructions on how to use the app and also a trouble shooting guide but if you need help please send a message either through the contact form on this site or the Facebook page.

More information, including a list of the venues affected, is in the Premier’s media statement.

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