Water issues

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We have received the following invitation from the Chair of FRAGYLE – a group devoted to preserving the Yalgorup environment. The aquifer under Lake Clifton and Herron is probably connected to others in the general area such as Preston Beach and Myalup but last time I checked there was not a lot of information so this could be a good time to find out more.
FRAGYLE are hosting a meeting with the Department of water regarding the underground aquifer, our water supply here at Preston Beach – and yours at Lake Clifton? – and the threats of climate change and development proposals.
It is an open meeting and we would love to invite all people in Lake Clifton who are interested in the Lakes, the Ecosystem, the aquifer and the water supply for the future. We are concerned about Doyle’s quarry proposal and its potential affect on the Lake system – and the area – and the extraction for agriculture at the southern end of Lake Preston.
If any of your people have any questions they are most welcome to come and ask them.

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