Restore, Re-habilitate, Re-vegetate

Nancy Fardin and Jenny Rose of The Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group mark out the site for rehabilitation.

Nancy Fardin and Jenny Rose mark out the site for rehabilitation.

The endangered Lake Clifton thrombolites are set to benefit from a State Government Natural Resource Management grant extended to a local community Landcare organisation which has worked tirelessly for many years to protect the lake and its famous inhabitants.

Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group spokesperson Jenny Rose said the $30,000 grant will be used for a variety of on ground actions over the next 18 months.

Our 3Rs for Lake Clifton – Restore, Re-habilitate, Re-vegetate project encompasses revegetation, rehabilitation and restoration on the north western and north eastern shores of the lake. All the on ground activities will contribute to preventing nutrients flowing into the lake and impacting the threatened ecological community of the thrombolites,” she said.

The Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group will work with the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC) to manage the on ground works, which are a continuation of a five year project to restore the lake’s fringing vegetation.

Ms Rose said the funding will enable the group to undertake weed control, plantings and maintenance around Lake Clifton.

We will manage weed control, focusing on cotton bush and thistle mainly, plus we will be planting an extra 5,500 tuarts, melaleucas, grasses and sedges. Our ongoing planting and maintenance will include applying weed mats to suppress weeds and to help with soil moisture retention, as well as continually removing the tree guards, after one year, which provide protection for the seedlings we plant.”

PHCC chair Andy Gulliver said the PHCC is pleased to support local community Landcare groups to undertake projects that protect and enhance natural assets in accordance with the region’s NRM strategy – Bindjareb Boodja Landscapes 2025 – and its stated objectives.

Groups such as Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group are the essence of natural resource management. For many years now they have been quietly undertaking a range of excellent on-ground works around Lake Clifton and Herron with outstanding results. We are very pleased to be able to continue to play a role on this significant project,” he said.

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