Prohibited burning


Burning is prohibited from yesterday (15 December) until 14 March in the dry sand area in the Shire of Waroona. This includes Lake Clifton. The Shire may extend this period if we do not get early rains.

Various people tried to have some controlled burning carried out in the National Parks and Reserves without success and both DPAW and DFES acknowledge that fuel loads are very high.

Fires have been caused by welding, grinding, overheated belts on ride on lawn mowers and many other sources. We all need to be extremely careful as we go about our daily lives.

It is also very likely that total fire bans will be imposed on days when the fire danger rating is severe or above. If it is hot and windy, please check the DFES web site at to see if a ban has been announced for our area. You might want to bookmark this site so that you can find it easily.

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