AGM postponed

At the AGM today there were eight members present which was one short of a quorum. Under our rules, the meeting was therefore postponed to the same time and place one week later so it will now be held at 2:00 pm next Sunday 27th September at the Community Centre. Unfortunately, our rules do not allow us to count the three visitors who want to join as members.
There is no requirement for a quorum at this postponed meeting on the 27th but we certainly don’t want to have just two or three people. So it would be great if as many members as possible could come along. The agenda must be exactly the same as the meeting today so it will just be a matter of electing a committee and accepting the proposed changes to the constitution. Should take about 15 minutes.
The AGM will be followed by a Community Meeting which is basically a committee meeting that everyone is welcome to attend.

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