NBN – the ongoing saga

The following message has been received from a resident in Herron. It would be great if any other people with the same issue could leave a comment so that perhaps we can apply some pressure to get this ridiculous situation fixed. My personal experience with satellite was not good – very weather dependent and long lag times. The equipment was also very prone to problems which required me and others to totally disconnect and wait a while before reconnecting. Maybe this is better with NBN satellite but I personally would be very hesitant.

Hello, I would like to share my experiences in the NBN rollout saga.
In Herron, we were recently contacted by numerous NBN providers stating the NBN is now available at our address. Needless to say, we were overjoyed, finally decent internet. We researched providers, and subsequently the NBN Co. was contacted to install our services.
When the NBN co arrived, he was unable to get a decent enough signal. This is despite us being at the top of a hill with the tower less than 1km away.
My neighbour was also advised of the same issue.
Apparently to access the fixed wireless signal for NBN from the tower located in Herron, your house must have line of sight to the tower.
This does not consider the trees of the area, which block the signal.
So after all the waiting for the NBN, we and many others in the area are still unable to access the service because the government failed to consider that there may be trees, and hills and valleys in this area.
The NBN Co technician advised we would only be able to have satellite NBN. This is still very very expensive, and in fact no different to what is already available. The only difference is that for the next 18 months, if the NBN Co. declares your residence to be unable to access the local tower, the government will cover the installation of the satellite equipment, which is apparently very expensive.
I can’t believe that so little thought has been put into the installation of NBN in our area.
I would like to hear if anyone has the same issue.

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  1. I had the same issues when coming to put the NBN at our house in Herron. We are now looking at satellite, not sure when and with whom.

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