Walk trails etc

Your Progress Association has been trying very hard to establish some walk trails and tourist attractions to make it easier for visitors and locals to see the many points of interest in our area. Like all things these days, you can’t “just do it”. Consultants have to be employed to ensure that any such development complies with all the the standards and specifications of various government departments. All of the land where we want these things is under the control of DPaW (Department of Parks and Wildlife) and we are talking to them, Lotterywest and others regarding funding and “in kind” support.
The old lime kiln is the first point of interest that we would like to develop and we have a number of walk trails proposed, particularly in areas where there are lots of wild flowers. This will be a long process with lots of steps and hurdles but DPaW is very supportive of the proposals and we are quietly confident that it will happen when funding becomes available.

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