Message from the Chairman RDA-Peel Image Welcome to 2014! In 2013, iPeel began the process of exploring how we can transition our local sectors into the digital economy. Thank you to you all for you contribution over the year. To increase the engagement of individuals, businesses and other organisations in the Peel region in identifying opportunities coming from the NBN rollout, we’ve opened membership of iPeel is to anyone wishing to participate in our events. To respond to the findings of the recently released Western Australia ebusiness report the format of iPeel events will also change shape slightly. As most businesses prefer to receive business advice and information through specialist workshops and seminars and regular email newsletters, each future iPeel event will focus on a single topic, and will provide an opportunity for people to learn more about items that will help assist in their roles. iPeel events will also enable members to network informally with each other and industry experts in a relaxed setting. Through this wider membership and increased focus iPeel will continue to be more effective in “acting as a catalyst to identify and implement digital opportunities in the Peel region”. Our first event under this new structure will be: IP Telephony – benefits for business Presenter: Rachael McIntyre, NBN Product Manager, iiNet Venue: Fishtrap Theatre Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah Date: Friday, March 14, 2014 Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm Followed by networking opportunities and drinks provided by Regional Development Australia Peel RSVP (places are limited) to community@rdapeel.org.au Cost reductions in data services such as Internet connections and developments in IP telephony devices and applications, have resulted in an increase in the uptake of IP Telephony in many industries. Feature-rich end devices and applications bring many uses for the technology including: •Software phones: allowing laptops to be used as part of the office telephony system and giving employees the ability to work from home •Staff phone and number portability within the organisation •Feature-rich call centre applications such as interactive, self-help menus for callers/customers •Video-conferencing back to top digitalpeel.com.au now on Social Media RDA-Peel Image To enable more effective notification of information about how digital technology and high speed broadband are being used, and to encourage participation in conversations about Peel’s digital future we have set up social media on: Facebook Twitter If you come across any interesting relevant items share them with others through these media. back to top Online retailers continue to post double-digit sales growth RDA-Peel Image The latest monthly gauge of online purchasing shows sales continuing to rise at double-digit levels. National Australia Bank’s monthly online retail sales index has turnover increasing 10.7 per cent for the year to November 2013, to $14.6 billion. The bank says online spending is now equivalent to around 6.4 per cent of spending at bricks and mortar stores. To read more, CLICK HERE. back to top 12 outdated web features that need to disappear in 2014 Does your web site feature any of these? • Irrelevant Elements • Flash Intros • Photo Carousel • Large Hero Images • Stock Photos • Animated GIF Flags • Auto play Videos • Automated Popups • ‘Hello World’ Blog Posts • Sidebars • Reloading Pages • M.dot Sites According to 12 entrepreneurs these are the website features small businesses should avoid (or get rid of) at all costs. To read more CLICK HERE. back to top

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