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2013 Federal Election Campaign


With the Federal Election fast approaching, you will be weighing up what the Coalition is delivering to make your life in Canning better.

We have policies to address the three biggest concerns to Canning residents – crime, border protection and cost of living.

Reducing cost of living pressures is one of the greatest issues the Coalition plans to address. Canning households will be an average of more than $550 better off next financial year alone as a result of abolishing the carbon tax – and we will keep the current income tax thresholds, pension and fortnightly benefit rates.

The Coalition’s border protection policy involves reintroducing temporary protection visas, rigorous offshore processing and turning back the boats where safe to do so.

We have made it clear that those who come without documentation and have thrown their documentation away, don’t get into the queue at all. We also have announced our Operation Sovereign Borders policy which brings together 15 different agencies to be directly involved in border security activities.

Just this week, we announced our policy on tackling crime which includes the implementation of our Plan for Safer Streets – you can see how this plan benefits Mandurah and Armadale below.

You can get a copy of the Coalition’s Plan on Real Solutions for All Australians by visiting

This plan explains the direction, values and policy priorities of the next Coalition Government.

This plan will deliver a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia – and restore hope, reward and opportunities for all Australians.


Coalition Commitments in Canning!

Don, Shadow Minister for Environment Greg Hunt & Liberal Candidate for Brand Donna Gordin

I have been pleased to announce a variety of projects to be funded under a Coalition Government in Canning recently.

Below are details of the commitments in your local area – and I will have more commitments to proudly announce over the next two weeks of the campaign.

$10 million in funding for the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre

In July, Tony Abbott, Donna Gordin the Liberal candidate for Brand and I announced that a Coalition Government will commit $10 million to the redevelopment of the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

The Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre is a vital piece of community infrastructure that services a vast area and a growing population. When completed, the redevelopment will provide local residents with a modern, multi-purpose recreational sporting and aquatic facility.

This commitment will support the completion of Stage Two to deliver new multi-use courts, spectator seating, a new gymnasium, expansion of an existing creche, administration facilities and additional car parking.

CCTV and crime prevention infrastructure for the Mandurah foreshore

Mandurah will receive $250,000 in funding for crime prevention infrastructure and activities under the Coalition’s Plan for Safer Streets.

If elected, the Coalition will provide funding to go towards CCTV cameras, lighting to improve night time passage and youth engagement projects based on the City of Mandurah’s ‘Family Friendly Foreshore Project’.

CCTV and crime prevention infrastructure for the Armadale CBD

Armadale will also receive $170,000 in funding for crime prevention infrastructure under the Coalition’s Plan for Safer Streets.

A Coalition Government and I will provide funding to upgrade and extend the CCTV system in strategic locations in the Armadale CBD.

The funding for Armadale and Mandurah is part of the total $50 million a Coalition Government will provide over four years across the nation under its Plan for Safer Streets.

Green Army projects for Len Howard Conservation Park and the Peel-Harvey Catchment

The Coalition will build the largest standing environmental workforce in Australia’s history and deliver local on-the-ground environmental projects in Canning and around Australia, including at the Len Howard Conservation Park in Erskine and for the Peel-Harvey Catchment.

If the Coalition is elected it will build a 15,000 strong Green Army to provide real and practical solutions to local environmental issues.

Not only will Green Army activities improve hundreds of sites across the country, but local young people will be able to join a Green Army team and get hands-on environmental training.

Participants will receive a training allowance, as well as gain valuable work skills and potential qualifications in different areas of environmental remediation.

The Len Howard Conservation Park has an important habitat for flora and fauna which is of great value to the local community. Work at the park would beautify the area through restoring walking paths and reducing fuel loads to lower fire risk.

The Peel-Harvey Catchment would benefit with a Green Army project to help reduce nutrients entering the Ramsar listed Peel-Yalgorup System. The ‘Water Quality Improvement’ project in the Peel-Harvey Catchment area, led by the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, is already underway, working to improve the local environment.

A Green Army team will further enhance this project and benefit the local Shires of Murray, Waroona, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Boddington and Mandurah.

Peel-Harvey Catchment is to be recognised as its own Natural Resource Management (NRM) Region

The Coalition and I will ensure the recognition of the Peel-Harvey Catchment as an independent Natural Resource Management (NRM) region.

This would give the local Peel environment the necessary attention it rightly deserves and help protect the future health and sustainability of the Peel waterways.

I truly understand how important protecting the local environment is to Mandurah and surrounding residents and have taken the necessary action to make sure that happens.

I graciously thank the efforts of the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council and the City of Mandurah in making strong and consistent representation for the case to recognise Peel as a new NRM.

The South-West Catchment Council and NRM Regional Leaders Group has also been involved in this process and have lent their support.

The South-West Catchment Council has done a great job of managing NRM work in the Peel region, and this will simply allow the South-West and Peel NRM’s to better focus on individual catchment areas.

$25,000 in funding each for Mandurah and Port Bouvard Surf Livesaving Clubs

A Coalition government will invest $15 million into Australia’s peak water safety agencies as part of its policy to reduce drownings across the nation.

Under the Coalition’s policy, local surf clubs will receive average grants of $25,000 over five years to assist them purchase much needed equipment, first aid and medical supplies.

In the Canning electorate, the Coalition’s policy would benefit Mandurah and Port Bouvard Surf Livesaving Clubs.

The Coalition will work with Surf Livesaving Clubs, the Royal Life Saving Society and AUSTSWIM to help reduce the number of drownings in the Canning electorate.


Don’t Forget to Vote!


September 7 2013 is your chance to exercise your democratic right to vote.

If you cannot get to a polling booth on ELECTION DAY, you can vote early at the following places within the Canning electorate:

Armadale – Shop 2/255 Jull Street Mall

Mandurah – Eastlake Church, 99 Lakes Road, Greenfields

AEC Cockburn – Suite 14W-16W 817 Beeliar Drive, Cockburn

For opening times at these locations please call my office on 9390 1211, or contact the AEC directly on 13 23 26 or at

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