Old Mandurah Bridge Redevelopment Update Following widespread consultation and a vigorous value assessment process, the Community Reference Group (CRG) has decided on its preferred redevelopment option for the Old Mandurah Bridge, to be recommended to the Minister for Transport. The CRG’s preferred design, presented as a draft concept at this stage, maintains significant elements of the existing bridge, such as the fishing platforms, but provides for a proposed increase in height and anticipated increase in traffic through a new curved, four lane bridge with an expansive five metre wide pedestrian/cycle path. Get involved… You have the opportunity to provide comment now and let the CRG know if the concept design has captured what is most important to you through haveyoursaymandurah.com.au, or by dropping your comments into the suggestion box at the City’s Administration Building by Friday, May 31. The timeframe is tight to ensure the opportunity to apply to the State Government for funding is not missed. Copyright © 2013 City of Mandurah, All rights reserved.

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