1. Russell

    Just about to move into the area in the next month or so,but i would be concerned about polution/ damage to the ancient thrombolites.do like the concept of fishing though! Possibly create some other jetty away from the thrombolites so that they wont be put at risk.

    1. Graeme

      Hi Russell and welcome to our wonderful lifestyle. Please make contact when you move in – we may be able to help you with a bit of local knowledge.

      It seems most unlikely that DEC (now DPW or some such) will allow fishing. It is not just the thrombolites but the whole ecology of the lake and the birds that nest on the shoreline etc. We are hoping to increase tourism but will not be encouraging activities that will cause damage. We already have enough people doing things that are really unacceptable like driving four wheels over the thrombolites and ripping up the forests with trail bikes.

      Looking forward to meeting you


      Graeme Wyatt

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