Wind farm – not proceeding

You will have noticed that there has been very little said on this web site about the wind farm that was proposed for Lake Clifton. This was because we did not want to influence your attitude until we had a very firm fix on how the majority of the community viewed the proposal.

Just a few days ago, the Progress Association committee were convinced that a large majority of people were opposed and we were about to start work to support this majority when the proposal was dropped.

There is no doubt that Bouvard Energy read the local people’s attitudes correctly.

  • Coakes Consulting, the proponent’s PR firm, found that 57% of respondents to their survey were opposed. A further 20+% gave it conditional approval which is not a ringing endorsement.
  • 6MM conducted an online poll and 88% of respondents were opposed.
  • There have been two public meetings of residents only. The first was attended by 70 people, all of whom signed a petition opposing the project. There were 80 people at the second meeting of whom we think about 20 had not been at the previous meeting. We do not know the position of all of these 20 people but several of them expressed their opposition.
  • The Progress Association conducted its own poll at the two day Community Information session run by Bouvard. The result was over 90%  opposed.

Bouvard has responded to our collective concerns very appropriately by withdrawing their proposal and our thanks are due to them and their advisers.

2 thoughts on “Wind farm – not proceeding”

  1. Thank you Graham for the message; thank you Committeefor your hard work; and thank you Bouvard Investments for listening.

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