Wind farm news

There will be a meeting at the Community Centre on Sunday 27 May at 2:30 pm to help people to learn about action groups – what they are, how they operate, what they need to know and do. Senator Giz Watson from the Greens and Hilary Wheater from Fragyle will share their knowledge and experience. Everyone is welcome.

Coakes Consulting have extended the period for phone interviews to mid June. If you have not already participated in this process you are strongly urged to call them on 9226 5388 and give them your views.

None of us are experts on wind farms but there is a lot of information available on the Internet and elsewhere so if you are unsure of how to react to the proposal you can search the web and learn lots about it very quickly.

As a result of this extension, the Community Open Day has been delayed. You should receive advice from Coakes regarding this day and we have made some suggestions about how they could improve their notification process. We will also post the information on this site as soon as we are advised.

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