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This is the EPA report on the land owned by Cape Bouvard Investments dated May 2011 regarding their try at putting something on the land.

Report Lake Clifton 1401 PER30511

This is an email from Mike Sheppard from the Jurien Bay Progress Association.

Hi. Thanks for your enquiry.
We have 2  operating wind farms in our shire. Emu Downs is commercial with about 50 towers and the other is a private one , 7 towers?, serving a large horticultural business.
There are 3 others at various stages, they have been approved by the Shire, but are not under construction due to various commercial considerations however, 2 of these, Yandin and Waddi I believe, are about ready to go.
The total number of towers approved could be between 180 and 210, depending on the generator size.
There has been extensive community consultation in the planning stage of these projects.
Emu Downs has been in operation for several years with, as far as I am aware, no complaints or concerns however, I would point out that it is located in a  sparsely populated farming area and about 12 km from the nearest town of Cervantes.
The Waddi and Yandin sites are generally within 10 km of the Dandaragan Townsite (2kms at the closest).
There has been considerable consultation with the residents of the Dandaragan and Badgingarra townsites.
Therefore, to try and answer your questions, the effect on residents is difficult to quantify as there are only a few living near the Emu Downs site.
The effect on birdlife has been minimal, I believe that only one Carnaby’s Cockatoo has been found dead on this site – that would need to be confirmed with DEC
The noise factor is, again, difficult to quantify. At the Emu Downs site, the nearest house was landscaped with a dense belt of trees between the house and the nearest tower about 1km away.
You will need to make up your own mind depending on the circumstances howevr, we have had no problems with the wind farms in this shire.
Mike Sheppard
This is a letter from one of the visitors to the Windfarm meeting on Wednesday 2nd May and not the opinion of the Progress Association.


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