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A meeting was held on Wednesday 2nd May regarding the Clifton Beach Wind Farm.  It was well attended with approximately 60 people, locals and from interest groups.  Lots of information was given by Cape Bouvard Energy and lots is still sought by the community.

There were three people from Coakes Consulting, Damien from Ecologia and Stephen Watson from CapeBouvard Energy.

They mentioned that there would be holding an Open Day in the first or second week in June.

Stay tuned for more information.

If you wish to be notified by Coakes Consulting about the Open Day please contact Asten on





  1. kevn mccartney

    First i would like to thank Tracey for organising the meeting on the 2/5/12
    second ;Yes the community does want more information from the company.
    The company could not provide
    Type of turbine, dimensions and placement of the tower foundations (stated use of100000 tons of concrete or approx 48000 cubic metres= 48000 Kg of mercury supposedly no impact), information to most people backing on to the lake before the meeting.
    They have not researched land value effect, wind/wave effect on the thrombolites, wildlife access when the area is fenced off, Low frequency sound effect.(stated that they cannot measure or model this until the turbines are operating)
    Also stated that one house would create more environmental damage than 36 wind turbines.
    The pictorial model of the wind farm did not appear to be properly scaled and did not include the existing wind monitoring towers as a reference (They are 80M tall. The turbines will be 159m tall)
    The meeting seemed more like a company information fishing expedition, rather than providing checkable information concerning the project.

  2. K

    Thankyou for organising and allowing everyone to have their say. Much more needs to be heard and explained to the local community. And hopefully a larger amount of those that will be affected keep in contact via the Associations website, allowing more information to be spread amougst our area.

  3. m hape

    My concern is our ground water, with the height and depth factor into our ground water these machine will! interfere with the depth that is required to support these generators, will and must create problems, am i against YES!!!

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