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I hope you all had a great break over Christmas and the New Year – I was fortunate to have some time to spend with my family and enjoyed the brilliant weather we have had this summer.


The leadership infighting in the Federal Government that we are witnessing is deeply worrying to all of us. So long as the Labor Party remains consumed with talk of leadership change, Australia is lacking an effective Government and this cannot continue. The people of Australia deserve far better than the sideshow that we are currently enduring, particularly in the face of job losses and deepening economic problems in Europe.


A swap to Kevin Rudd will not bring any changes to their most problematic policies. Mr Rudd was responsible for the dismantling of the Howard Government’s tried and tested border protection policy. While he eventually backed away from his self-proclaimed “greatest moral challenge of our time,” he was responsible for the Emissions Trading Scheme that became the carbon tax, which is already pushing jobs offshore and jeopardising future investment in Australian industries. Furthermore, Mr Rudd was the architect of the ill-conceived and dangerously flawed mining tax, which has been the cause of a structural deficit in our economy’s budget. The three main policy problems that are harming Julia Gillard are products of Kevin Rudd. Switching leaders will not fix a thing if the policies are not also changed.


Job losses are mounting, with many industries being affected by the strong dollar, however this is not the only pressure that is leading to jobs being pushed offshore. Inflexibility in Julia Gillard’s Fair Work Act and the added impost of the impending carbon tax are making Australia a less desirable place to invest and companies are speaking with their feet. Today, Australia enjoys its prosperity due to our ability in the past to implement policies that attracts investment from overseas. Consecutive Labor policies have seriously damaged our reputation as an ideal place to invest and for the first time in history, people are beginning to speak of “sovereign risk” when discussing Australia.


In the past fortnight in Canberra, the Gillard Government (with the help of several independent members and Speaker Peter Slipper) passed two very damaging pieces of legislation through the House of Representatives. Having been rejected twice in recent history, Labor members, Greens and independents lined up to ignore the wishes of the people and break yet another election promise by passing the means testing of the private health insurance rebate.


This move (while popular among those who don’t understand its repercussions) will push more people out of private health insurance, raising premiums and placing further pressure on an already stressed public health system. In years to come we will see the full consequences of this move, which is designed to provide a short term financial gain (to shore up a wafer thin budget surplus in 2012/13) but will ensure long term pain for Australia. I recently spoke in the House of Representatives on this Bill and while it is a long read, I believe it is a worthwhile one;


The second piece of dangerous legislation that passed through the House was the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Amendment Bill 2011. Nothing exposes the Labor Party’s reliance on the support of unions more than this legislation. The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) was established by the Coalition in 2005 and has been responsible for significant increases in productivity, a reduction in inflation, an increase in GDP, a fall in building costs, a reduction in the number of working days lost and increase in economic activity to the tune of $5.5 billion annually. Why would any government seek to undo such a highly successful overseeing body such as the ABCC? The short answer is because the unions didn’t like the fact that it kept them accountable. An independent body that eradicated union thuggery and unlawful strike action has now been dismantled and we can expect to see old tricks re-emerging from the likes of CFMEU boss Joe McDonald and other union thugs. You can find a copy of my speech regarding the effective abolishment of the ABCC here;


The Australian people are tired of this divided, shambolic and truly dysfunctional Federal Labor Government. We look to our elected representatives to competently govern the nation. We do not expect our own Government to punish its citizens by presenting legislation that will raise the cost of living and damage our domestic industries. This is exactly what has happened since 2007 and it has become obvious that what we require is an election as a matter of urgency. The problems that we see in other counties such as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland have been caused by poor governance and we should accept nothing less than the best from our political leaders. Clearly the Labor Party is not up to the challenge of leading our great country and should call a general election as soon as possible.


I thought you may also be interested in the following articles that have appeared in our leading papers recently. The first is from my colleague Tony Smith and discusses the dire situation Labor is leading us towards in terms of Australia’s fiscal position.


The second is written by The West’s Paul Murray and is a timely summary of the grim political situation Julia Gillard faces with the impending Queensland state election in which the Bligh Government is expected to face an electoral wipe-out.


While the media and the Labor Party remain consumed with the debate over whether to replace a poor leader with a proven failure, my colleagues and I are keeping busy formulating sound policies that we will take to the next election, whenever that may be. We have a very strong team focusing on the issues that most affect you and unlike a Labor Government, we will not be placing further impositions on hard working Australians to pay for reckless spending habits. Australians are all too often told to tighten their belts, however the same is rightly expected of our governments and Labor has clearly failed to reign in their high spending, high taxing behaviour.


We are indeed living in interesting times! If I can assist you with any issue affecting you, please do not hesitate to contact my office on (08) 9390 1211.



Yours sincerely,




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