Nature in focus

Nature in Focus #10

Tempeltonia is a local and very beautiful shrub which we should all be protecting. A bit of bug spray to deter the caterpillars would be more »

Nature in Focus #8

Yet another very interesting offering from our nature photographer. Nature in Focus Bulletin No.8.

Nature in Focus #7

Beautifully in focus once again and very interesting. Nature in focus bulletin No.7

Nature In Focus #5

More great photos and information from our resident nature photographer. Nature in focus bulletin No.5

Nature in focus #4

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Three summer spiders in detail Nature in focus bulletin no.4

Nature in Focus #3

Here is bulletin #3. More interesting information and great photography. Nature in Focus bulletin No.3

Nature in focus #2

Bulletin #2 is now available and very interesting Nature in Focus Bulletin No.2

Nature in focus

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We have a very talented photographer in our district who wants to share information and images of our local fauna and flora. Here is the more »