There is still some bottled water at the hall. The rain water tank there is also for use by anyone needing additional potable water. Other potable water supplies are also available free from Mandy, Graeme and others but you will need to arrange cartage.

Non potable water to keep fruit trees etc alive or just to suppress dust is available free from Gingko Australia who have two 8 inch bores and can pump very quickly. Owner Dean Wainwright is at Lot 2262 (cnr Southern Estuary and Old Bunbury) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but not this coming Wednesday. Call him on 0458 688 033.

One way to cart water is in 1000 litre plastic tanks. These are available for loan or purchase (very cheap at $50) from Mandy or Paul at Mandurah Southern Districts Fire Brigade.

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