Community centre facilities

The facilities at the Community Centre are available to people who have lost their homes, are without power or for any other reason need to use them. Water is available (not for gardens unfortunately – we rely on rain water) and all the facilities may be used including the kitchen. If the Centre is not open when you want to use it just phone Tracey 0427 442 781, Fiona 9739 1727 or Graeme 9739 1484 and we will open it for you.

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  1. Paul Tate

    Hi Graeme – I have spoken to Shire of Waroona Fire Co-ordinator team and your President Timmins already! We have a fully furnished 3 x 2 Home vacant at present available for any local in need of short term accommodation (term to be discussed) as a result of the bushfires. We will be down on Sunday 16/Jan/2011 if anyone would like to inspect or discuss further. Best wishes to all!

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