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This week I delivered my speech in the House of Representatives on the Labor Government’s ill-conceived and deeply flawed Mineral Resource Rent Tax (MRRT). When I spoke on the issue, I, (along with the rest of Australia) was unaware of the fact that the Labor Government was working behind closed doors with the Member for Lyne, Rob Oakeshott (an independent from New South Wales!), on a deal that will see WA’s mining royalties effectively stripped away and returned to the federal coffers.


This is a truly breathtaking development that undermines the financial independence of the States and is aimed at fulfilling Labor’s long term plan to eradicate these royalties altogether. This shameless attempt to patch up their sloppy MRRT legislation cannot be tolerated and the Coalition – particularly Liberal Members here in WA – will not stand for this for one minute. To think that our State’s revenue stream is now being dictated by Rob Oakeshott is disgusting. Please follow the first link below to my speech in the House of Representatives, with the second link to a press release I issued following the development regarding the royalties issue.


Please follow the third link below to a fascinating summary of the recent Supplementary Budget Estimates by Liberal Senator and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Eric Abetz. Much of the information discovered in the Estimates hearings has not attained significant media coverage, however nonetheless, many of the revelations are deeply concerning and a sad indictment on the Labor Government.


On page two you will see an article written by Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage, Greg Hunt and recently published in The Australian, which discusses the carbon tax and whether Prime Minister Gillard would question Barack Obama on his visit to Australia as to America’s commitment to a similar carbon tax or cap and trade system. We now know that the answer from Obama was a resounding “no” and they have no plans whatsoever to price carbon. Treasury modelling of the carbon tax is predicated on our major trading partners and world economic powers committing to a concrete emissions trading scheme by 2016. Without this commitment, the modelling for the tax falls over and the impacts on the average Australian and indeed the overall economy are much heavier than is being publicised by Gillard, Swan, Combet and the entire Labor spin team.





As always, if there is anything I can do to assist you as the Federal Member for Canning, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Yours sincerely,

Don Randall MP
Federal Member for Canning

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