If you are a subscriber to this site, you will have read about the revegetation work done near the lake recently. Coastal Firebreaks undertook the slashing and ripping work and did a great job in very difficult conditions (the paspalum was incredibly thick).
They have asked us to let you know that they will be back to do a final weed spray fairly soon and while they are in the area would be able to do some fire breaks. You would need to contact them soon if you would like them to do yours. Their charges are:
Rural Block Firebreak

  • 5 to 10 acres: $107 inc gst
  • 10 to 20 acres: $137 inc gst


  • $105 per hour inc gst

Residential Vacant Block.

  • Slash or Firebreak less than 1000m2 (Oct Nov) $107 inc gst
  • Slash Block over 1000m2 $137 inc gst
  • Full maintenance $375 inc gst annually due in March 2012.

What do you get for full maintenance?
1: Block inspected and slashed at least 4 times per year.
2: Up to one cubic meter of rubbish or trees removed each year.
3: Contact with neighbours or rangers to assist in keeping your block free from rubbish.


Contact details:

Michael Fiegert
Coastal Firebreaks and Slashing
3 Rose Street. Halls Head
Mandurah 6210
Email: Phone: 0429451434

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