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We have been asked to distribute the following message seeking volunteers to work with a researcher from University of Melbourne.


Volunteers from Western Australia and from Victoria, SA, NSW and Tasmania are needed for a new coastal weeds and birds project.

Over time Australia’s coastal habitats have been altered by weeds, including weeds we introduced ourselves to combat erosion. As a result, dune systems are often dominated by Marram grass, Wheat grass, Pyp grass, Sea Spurge, Sea rocket, Boneseed/Bitou Bush or other weed species.

University of Melbourne researcher Charlotte Catmur wants to find out more about the impact this is having on native wildlife.

• Are birds or insects using weeds for foraging, cover, roosting habitat, etc?
• Are weeds harbouring introduced predators or pests?
• Or are these stands of weeds devoid of life?

Charlotte needs your help to find out! If you live in Victoria, SA, WA, NSW or Tasmania it is as simple as contacting her to request an information package, which includes:

• Instructions on what you need to report
• A weed identification sheet
• An observation sheet to record your findings

And then all is left is to step out onto the beach this spring/summer to spot birds in the weeds. For more information and to receive an information package please email: Charlotte Catmur at catmurc@unimelb.edu.au

Julie Palmer
Biodiversity Project Officer

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