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Hi Everyone.

One of the members of the community who lost their passports in the recent fires has been able to get them replaced.

·         Ring 131 232 and explain that the Passport was lost in the Lake Clifton Bushfire. That office is fully aware of the Lake Clifton Bushfire.

·         A form will be emailed to you, for you to fill in. The form is a Form B-11, “Application for an Australian travel document” “General declaration by passport applicant when a passport is lost or damaged in a declared natural disaster”.

·         If you do not have an email or printer capability, the forms may be picked up at an Official Post Office.

·         Complete the forms and lodge them at an Official Post Office (not a Post Office Agency).

·         You will receive a call from the Passport Office and will be requested to scan and email some official form of identity – such as a Drivers Licence showing you as residing at the address where the Passport was destroyed. A Utility bill of some sort may be used as an alternative.

·         Once again, if you don’t have scanning capability, it is probably Ok to mail the documents.

·         You will receive another phone call and asked a series of questions about your identity, which would have been provided when you first applied for your Passport.

·         Your replacement Passport should then be approved.


The entire process from initial phone call, to delivery to the door of the replacement Passport took 10 days.






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