Meeting Tuesday 7:00 pm 29 March 2011

Why were the Lake Clifton fires NOT a natural disaster??

We are told that we do not meet the criteria for declaration of a natural disaster because it did not cost the state $240,000

People in Kelmscott and other areas that were burnt on 5 February can access VERY substantial benefits that Lake Clifton people cannot get – but the individual people are in exactly the same situation.

Various people have been trying very hard to get a declaration but find it extremely difficult to obtain information or get past the bureaucracy.

We have not previously publicised these efforts but in frustration we have recently started a media campaign.

A number of residents have requested a meeting so we can decide if we want to continue the fight and how we should go about it.

Come along and hear what has happened so far and to have your say on where we should go from here.

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