Applications for Lord Mayor’s fund

People who claimed the State Government grants of $3000 or $1000 have been sent claim forms for the Lord Mayor’s Fund which is administered by the Recovery Committee. If you or anyone you know has not received a form you should contact Tracey or the shire. This applies also to those who were affected but did not claim the State Government grant.

One person has told me that he will not be making a claim because the criteria appear to eliminate him. I also know that one person who lost their home has written a four page attachment as he felt that the forms did not adequately cover his particular situation.

While the forms are not perfect and the criteria are daunting, may I suggest that everyone affected should submit a claim and leave it to the committee to sort out how the funds will be distributed. One thing is certain – no claim, no money!!

It is not possible to predict how the committee will regard your insurance status. There are many sides to this issue and I suggest that you do not attempt to pre-judge the committee’s decisions. The best thing to do is to lodge a claim, give all the facts and allow those charged with the responsibility to make decisions.

By the way, you should be aware that all decisions of the Recovery Committee are subject to review by the Board of the Lord Mayor’s Fund to ensure that they are consistent with decisions in all other disaster areas of the state.

There is an amount of money that MUST be distributed amongst those affected and if you have suffered losses, there is always a possibility that your particular circumstances will be judged to be worthy of some funding.

If you need help in completing the forms, this can be arranged – just contact Tracey or Graeme and we will do our best to assist you.

This will be a long and bureaucratic process and it comes at a very difficult time but please make sure that you do not miss out because it all looks too hard.

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