Donated clothing etc

As you know, a huge amount of clothing, linen and other items were donated immediately following the fires in January. Some items were taken by victims but there has been no movement of these items for several weeks.

The clothing and linen is being sent to Mayday in Mandurah where it will be professionally sorted, displayed and offered for sale. As you may know, all the profits made by Mayday are distributed to needy people and organisations in the region. Mayday already has a good range of items and ours will further extend their ability to assist everyone in the region.

SO – if you were impacted by the fires and need clothing or anything else that Mayday has, all you need to do is to ask Tracey Timmins for a letter to identify you. Take it to Mayday and you will be given special treatment!!

There is still a lot of food, toiletries etc at the hall. Just call Tracey or Graeme if you would like to collect some. Anything that is not collected in the next couple of weeks will be donated to one of the charity groups in Mandurah.

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