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Due to the recent impacts to property this bushfire season,  the monthly theme for March is ‘Ember Protection Screens for Evaporative Air  conditioners’

Please  see information attached:

  • Info Note: Ember   Protection Screens by the Environmental Protection Branch
  • DFES Bushfire Factsheet –    Evaporative Air Conditioners

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Knowing what to do to keep your  evaporative air conditioner safe from fire can help save your  property!

If you live near bushland and have a roof mounted evaporative  air conditioning unit, your home may be at risk from bushfire ember  attack.

To prevent embers entering your  evaporative air conditioning unit and to protect your home from the effect of  bushfires, DFES recommends that you install ember protection  screens.

More information can be found at www.dfes.wa.gov.au/safetyinformation/fire/bushfire/Pages/evaporativeairconditioners.aspx





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