Quarry – Lot 5 Old Coast Road

We have learned today that a clearing permit has been issued for this project. On top of the fires, the dry winter and hot summer, this is just another blow to the local environment. Apart from the dust, noise and nuisance value, there is a risk to the lake and a further reduction in habitat for wildlife.

There will be a public meeting at the hall at 7 pm this Thursday 10th March to try to formulate an objection – we only have until 21 March!

Please come along and support the community.

Did you see this incident?

On the afternoon of 10 January there was an incident at the road block on the corner of Old Coast Rd and Armstrong Hills Drive. A red car driven by a volunteer fireman was refused entry and went through the road block. The driver is now being charged with serious offences and needs witnesses. If you were one of the people who were there at the time it would help this person greatly of you were prepared to say what you saw or heard. If you were not there but know someone who was present, please tell them about this message.

In the first instance, please call Graeme on 9739 1484 who will put you in touch with the person concerned

Good news – Old Bunbury Rd site being rehabilitated

For the past few days we have been woken very early by a bulldozer working in the area on Old Bunbury Road near Old Coast Road that has been an eyesore for years. Today I found out what is happening.

Southern Gateway Alliance (SGA) who built the Forrest Highway are rehabilitating the area. This is one of the things they were asked to do to partially compensate for the areas that they cleared during the construction work.

They have stripped the top soil and are in the process of digging out hundreds of tonnes of limestone. These will be mixed together and replaced to form a friable soil for new trees. The old top soil is contaminated with weeds so it will be buried and the whole area then covered with clean top soil which will be planted with local natives.

They will also remove the rubbish that has been dumped along trails in the area and then the area is to be fenced to keep out the misguided people who think it is a rubbish tip or a race track and to allow the tiny trees to grow.

You may know that there was an application to mine limestone in this area a few years ago. We fought that in the Warden’s court where we lost the battle but eventually we won the war through the political process and the mining lease was refused.

It has taken a long time but finally we will have an area to be proud of!!

Thank you SGA – we will not complain about being woken a bit early while you are doing such a great job!!


Monty has asked me to post the following message:

“I have just been in touch with an egg farmer and asked what he does with his ex layers. Unfortunately he just gave away 2,000.  He told me his next lot to go will be ready in June.  He said that he will give them to Lake Clifton for free – As many as we want.  I am happy to keep a register of names and numbers of those that would like to give some old girls a new life.  With a bit of love, the girls will give a few eggs.  We just might need double the chooks.  Start getting the chook pens ready!
Send me name, contact details and how many girls you you want to: kat.montague@westnet.com.au”

Good on you Monty!!

Water supply

There is now a tap to make it a bit easier to fill water containers from the tank at the hall – apologies for the delay. We know that there are still some people without their own drinking water supply and these people are very welcome to use the water at the hall – just remember that it is untreated rain water.