Further facilities available

In addition to food, water, cooking facilities, toiletries etc, there is now a computer at the hall with Internet access (provided by the City of Mandurah) and also a telephone courtesy of Telstra. The hall will be open from 9am to 3pm each day and if you need access outside those hours please call Tracey on 0427 442 781, Graeme 9739 1484 or Fiona on 9739 1727.

Free showers are available at Brew 42 (Lake Clifton Tavern) and also toiletries etc.

Community centre facilities

The facilities at the Community Centre are available to people who have lost their homes, are without power or for any other reason need to use them. Water is available (not for gardens unfortunately – we rely on rain water) and all the facilities may be used including the kitchen. If the Centre is not open when you want to use it just phone Tracey 0427 442 781, Fiona 9739 1727 or Graeme 9739 1484 and we will open it for you.

Assistance with clean up

At least two people have offered to assist with clean up using their tractors and other machines. If you need this sort of help please click on comments and leave your contact details. These “comments” will only be seen by Graeme and will be passed on to the guys who want to help.

If you would like to add your name to the list of helpers you can also leave a comment here or phone Graeme on 9739 1484.


Packaged meals and fruit are available at the Community Centre thanks to the generosity of people who have donated the ingredients and others who have cooked them. These are free to people who are affected by the fire and may be taken away or eaten at the centre.


Two dogs have been impounded at Mandurah as a result of the fires. We have received the following message from the rangers:

“If either of the owners make contact with your shire, please direct them to us and we will arrange for release of their pets (no charge).

If we don’t hear from anyone within 10 days of the date of impoundment, then we will look at rehoming options.”

Photos of the dogs are attached to this post.