Shire of Waroona – Community Sport & Recreation

Christmas Wishes…

The Recreation and Community Development team wish the Shire’s Sport, Recreation & Community groups a Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable New Year.   We look forward to working with you again in 2017.

Club Development…

  • Save the Date – Local Funding & Grant Writing Workshop!!

Ø  Local Funding Forum – Monday 6 February, 2017 (Details to follow early in the New Year)

Ø  Writing Winning Grants Workshop – Monday 20 February, 2016 (Details to follow early in the New Year)

For more information on any of the above please Contact: Mitch Green 9531 7675

 Human Resources Club Toolkit..

  • The Department of Sport and Recreation has recently released a human resources tool kit for the sport and recreation industry. The tool kit consists of five parts and contains a range of information and templates that your club can utilise. The tool kit is available on the Department’s website.
  • Clean Clubs Program…

The Keep Australia Beautiful Council’s Clean Clubs program can assist your club to manage litter on game day, encourage positive rubbish disposal and promote recycling. Register for the Clean Clubs program and receive free resources to help your club better manage its game day rubbish and recycling. To register and for more information, visit the Keep Australian Beautiful website

 Funding / Award Opportunities…

 Department of Sport & Recreation…

  • Community Participation Funding Open All year round

$1,000 – $5,000 for Increasing Participation via Access | Inclusion | Diversity

Visit: DSR Community Participation Funding

  • Active Regional Communities Grants Open All year round

Up to $5,000 for Initiatives|Events  

Visit: DSR Active Regional Communities Grant

 Associations New Law

The Act became active on 1 July. The new law includes a number of changes that will affect all Incorporated Associations. The Shire hosted a workshop on 7 September 2016 regarding these changes. If you missed the workshop, the information below provides guidance about the new law.

The Act provides a framework of regulation for not-for-profit organisations such as sport and recreation clubs, societies and community groups in Western Australia leaving the internal management of associations largely to the members.  Associations are still able to incorporate as a separate legal body and thereby limit the liability of its members for lawful activities.

The Department of Commerce have provided a video presentation on the topic that covers the effect and overview of the changes, the prescribed model rules and the transitional requirements. To keep in touch with updates from the Department, please subscribe to the Associations Info newsletter.

For more information Contact: Sport and Recreation Team (08) 9531 7777.

Working with Children Check “Health Check”…

 Below please find a link to the Working with Children Health Check which is a good tool you can use to assist your clubs current compliance or areas of improvement to the WWC requirements:

For more information Contact: Sport and Recreation Team (08) 9531 7777.

KidSport – Online Applications

Over the past five years KidSport has enabled thousands of eligible Western Australian children aged 5 – 18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees. Applications for KidSport subsidies are now available online.

For more information visit the DSR website. The Shire’s Sport and Recreation team are available to assist your club on (08) 9733 7800.

Visit by new Liberal candidate

Zac Kirkup, the Liberal Candidate for Dawesville for the next state election will be visiting Lake Clifton / Herron next week. The meeting will be held at the Community Hall at 7.00pm on Tuesday 22nd November. If you want to come along to see what his policies are and what he can do for us, you are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you live in Lake Clifton. Hopefully he will support us in the same way as Kim Hames.

More about rabbits

Rabbit viruses have been used in Australia since the 1950s with the first version of the RHDV virus being released in 1995. The latest version is now being released Australia wide and is both more effective and more humane than previous versions. This new version will spread to all parts of Australia and its release in our area will simply get it here a bit faster. Like the previous versions, it does not affect other animals including domestic pets other than rabbits and humans. Before viruses were released, huge swathes of Australia were ruined and we could easily get back to that situation if we tolerate these vermin at all. This link provides more information on the huge problems that rabbits pose to the environment and to farmers.

Fire restrictions in Lake Clifton


Permits are required for any fire in the dry sand areas of Waroona, including Lake Clifton from today 2 November to 14 December. For people in other zones  in Waroona please visit Fire breaks must be completed by 30 November and please remember that the main purpose of fire breaks is to allow fire trucks to access your property. These trucks are four wheel drive but are easily bogged in soft sand so while ploughing is quick and easy, your volunteers are much more likely to be able to defend your property if they can drive safely on them.

Minutes of AGM and Community meetings


The AGM of the Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association was held on 9 October 2016 and was followed by a community meeting. The minutes from these two meetings are attached along with reports from  the President, Landcare and the Treasurer. As you will see, LCHRA continues to be very active for the community and you are encouraged to join to support our work. A membership application is available here.

AGM Minutes 2016
Presidents Report 2016
Treasurers Report 2016
Landcare Report 2016
Lime Kiln Concept Plan Stage 1
Minutes Oct 2016
Treasurers Report Oct 2016

Fruit fly


medflyAs the library is no longer open on Saturdays, the bait will be available from my home. All you need to do is contact me by phone, email, Facebook message or via the contact form at  and we can agree on a mutually suitable time for you to bring a container (about 250 to 300 ml is plenty).

Mediterranean fruit fly is a major problem in our area. The Department of Agriculture (DAFWA) says that without control, it would infest 100% of stone fruit.

In summary, we need to apply a small amount of an attractant mixed with an insecticide every week. As a service to the community, the Residents Association has purchased a 25 kg container of Flavex, one of the recommended attractants and it is available to all local residents. This is free for members of LCHPSA; non-members will be charged $2.

You will also need Maldison or Malathion (same thing) from a hardware or garden store. Instructions on mixing this and Flavex will also be provided. Baiting like this is only part of the solution. It is also advisable to cover spray with a recommended insecticide and hang lures in the trees. Lures  are available from hardware and garden stores. Traps made of plastic bottles etc are not recommended as they do not catch a high proportion of the flies.

There is more detail at

AGM reminder


This is a plea for our members to come along to the AGM on Sunday 9 th October 2016. We must have a quorum of seven financial members in order to hold the meeting and we always struggle to get this many. With age and illness affecting some of our long term members, it will be even harder this year.
You will NOT be pressured to join the committee but you would be very welcome should you decide to do so. The committee meets six times per year so it is not a big commitment.
We think that the Association is doing good things for the community. Some of our current activities include:

  • Development of a day use site and walk trail at the Historic Lime Kiln site
  • Support for the Landcare group and their major revegetation programme on the verges of Lake Clifton
  • Participation in the Age Friendly Communities improvement process with the Shire
  • Rabbit control
  • Road safety issues such as speed limits and line marking
  • Information distribution to residents via web site and Facebook

With an average age around seventy, the committee would love to get some younger people on board who would be prepared to organise activities for families.
There will be light refreshments after the AGM and a community meeting afterwards which everyone is welcome to attend.
We would love to see you there.
Best regards
Jenny Rose

Waroona Community Planning


The Shire of Waroona is undertaking a review of its Strategic Community Plan (SCP). The SCP will link the community’s aspirations with the Council’s vision and long term strategy. We need to hear from community to be clear on what those aspirations are.

The below survey provides Shire residents and ratepayers with an opportunity to contribute to the review of the Plan. It summarises the existing SCP which identifies detailed areas of future emphasis and where actions need to be pursued over the next 10 years.

To assist the Shire to understand what is important to you, please complete this online survey by clicking on the link below.

Click here:
Surveys must be completed before Thursday 20th October 2016.

All residents and rate payers of the Shire of Waroona will be eligible to enter a prize draw after completing a survey. The prize is 1 adult 6 month Gold Membership at the Waroona Recreation Centre.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or the development of the SCP, please contact Maria Price on (08) 9582 9228 or email us at Alternatively please contact John Crothers (Coordinator Corporate Planning/Project Officer) at the Shire of Waroona on (08) 9733 7830.