Summary of offers – updated Mon Jan 17

The following is a list of offers of goods, services and accommodation that have been offered to the local community. It is NOT a complete list. More information is available through DCP, Salvos, Waroona Shire etc. We will advise these organisations of the offers we have so they have a more complete picture. For more details contact Tracey, Fiona or Graeme

  • 1000 litre water tanks (can only be used for livestock/garden etc)– free to people affected by fire
  • Water to fill tanks – not potable
  • Water – potable
  • Tractor
  • Bobcat and truck – needs to charge for services
  • Fodder being organised through the Horse Industry Council – help with fencing
  • Clean up, general help, fencing
  • General help
  • Ex paramedics, ranger, carer, security guards. Medical help, fencing, cleaning, childcare, cooking. Available for future – open ended help
  • Available at weekends & public holidays – will be talking to management to see if donations of steel products are possible.
  • General assistance, furniture, electrical goods, linen and kitchen items.
  • Agistment for livestock – good fences 3-4 paddocks
  • Take in 2 dogs (must be socialised with other dogs)
  • House 3×2 furnished – short term
  • Double room
  • House
  • Cost price beds
  • 2 sheds, furniture, clothing from City of Bunbury. More coming – Wednesday?
  • 3 piece lounge suite
  • Old fridge (working), 4 garden chairs
  • Truck load of donated goods – food, clothing, bedding, toys, electrical goods – also sent laptop computer with 3G wireless & printer for use at Lake Clifton Herron Community Hall
  • Assistance with larger rebuilding projects – fences, tanks, piping etc
  • Lake Clifton Herron Community hall – extended opening hours outside of 9am-3pm week days and all weekends for recovery effort
  • Agistment for 2 horses – good fences
  • Nails, can supply star pickets and ringlock fencing wire


    We have had offers to agist animals such as goats, sheep, horses etc. Feed to be provided by you although we think some is being donated by others (not the agistment owner).

    Lick on Comments below and leave your details or phone Graeme 9739 1 484

    Water tanks – update

    The 1,000 litre tanks available from Mandurah Southern Districts are free of charge to anyone affected by the fire. If you need one but cannot find the time or equipment to pick it up just click on Comments below and leave your details. It will be delivered to you.

    These are suitable for stock and garden use only – not to be used for drinking water.


    Furniture has been donated today and is stored temporarily in the undercroft behind the fire shed. We can arrange longer term storage for people who have lost their homes. Please put your name on anything you want.

    Something to look forward to

    Australia Day Breakfast is definitely still on and there will be no charge for breakfast. Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a member of the Association.

    We would hope that Lake Clifton and Herron residents take this opportunity to get together and reconfirm our love of the area and our country.

    It is possible that we will see more than our usual 30-40 people so if you have not come along previously we would appreciate a call to one of the committee members for catering purposes.


    There is still some bottled water at the hall. The rain water tank there is also for use by anyone needing additional potable water. Other potable water supplies are also available free from Mandy, Graeme and others but you will need to arrange cartage.

    Non potable water to keep fruit trees etc alive or just to suppress dust is available free from Gingko Australia who have two 8 inch bores and can pump very quickly. Owner Dean Wainwright is at Lot 2262 (cnr Southern Estuary and Old Bunbury) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but not this coming Wednesday. Call him on 0458 688 033.

    One way to cart water is in 1000 litre plastic tanks. These are available for loan or purchase (very cheap at $50) from Mandy or Paul at Mandurah Southern Districts Fire Brigade.

    Clean up assistance

    Several people have offered to assist with clean up. Fiona is keeping a list of those we know about so if you need help call her on 9739 1727. Chris Long is also organising some people and Mark Corner has offered his services. There are undoubtedly others that I have not heard about.