Survelliance Camera meeting

CoastSWaP presentation is at Myalup Hall starting 10 am to 3 pm on Thursday April 14. At least two eastern states company reps will be there with their survelliance camera equipment, and there are other speakers. If you can go, please let me know for catering purposes.

I am looking for someone to go in my place.



Report from meeting 29 March 2011

At a meeting on 29 March attended by 30 residents, including more than half of those who lost their homes, it was unanimously agreed that we should continue the fight for a fair go.
Lake Clifton has been treated very unequally and we believe unfairly by the bureaucratic process which sets a dollar figure on natural disasters. It seems ludicrous to us that people in identical situations in other parts of WA and Australia are getting financial support that is not available to our people.
We know it will be a long fight – perhaps as long as two years, but we will fight!!
A petition is being organised and will be circulated around the district very soon.
Lots of people at the meeting are going to write to their MPs and the Premier who has said that it does seem unfair but has not moved to help us. The more people who write, the bigger the impact so even if you could not attend the meeting, please join in and send a letter. If you want suggestions on how to write such a letter, leave a comment on this site or call Tracey.
We are still trying to get some definitive information on what has and has not been included in the calculation of costs and will try every possible legal avenue to get this information.
Watch this site for news and be prepared for the long haul.
A fair go is all we are asking.

Island Point Cleanup

The Clean up Australia for Island Point will be held this coming Saturday – March 12, from 8.30am. Meet at the picnica area. Please wear closed in shoes and bush protective clothing, bring along drinking water.

There will be a BBQ at the completion of the morning.

The monthly meeting of Friends of Island Point will be held Wednesday 16, commencing 7.30pm at the Bouvard Sport & Recreation Centre. They are looking for ideas on Island Point and everyone is welcome.